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Windlass River Valley

Smart Features


Direct Piped Cooking Gas

Windlass is bringing a large scale solution for the issue related with the LPG cylinders. WRV is providing the best resolution to the problems and dangers by installing direct piped LPG lines. No need to drag those heavy cylinders as the gas is directly supplied to the kitchen by installed pipeline and highly automated setup. No need to book, lift and install the heavy cylinders and enjoy the life Smart Windlass way.


Automated Water Supply and Pressure Pumping

This Smart Township gives you relief from the old methods of water management system. Do not worry about turning the motor on and off or waking up early for filling up overhead water tanks.

Windlass River Valley has installed a smart automated water pumping solution which maintains constant pressure at every house. Windlass is in collaboration with the world’s largest pump developers from Japan and South Korea to provide the best solutions to every individual residing in the Township.


Triple Play Advantage - Fiber to Home (T V, Internet /WiFi, Landline /Intercom Phone)

Windlass planned on making one’s life free from tangled multiple wires, agencies and breakdowns. For the first time in North India, We are introducing Triple Play Advantage- single optical fibre for easy and high-speed connectivity to cater all the needs of the residents. Issues related with the internet/Wi-Fi, Dish TV/ Cable Television, Landline or Intercom Phone requirements will be sorted out by installing single optical fibre. Triple Play is the best network for the modern technologically advanced residents of the smart township.


Organic Waste Management

With an objective of keeping the country clean and green, Windlass planned on installing several Organic Waste processing machines within the township. A lot of organic waste is generated from every household, which is barely treated and ultimately ends up in Dustbins, open areas or the landfills outside the city areas. Lack of proper management system the waste leads to mosquitoes and various diseases. The processed waste is the best manure for the plants and trees.


Building Management System

Windlass River Valley promises to keep your life stress-free and to fulfil that assurance the township is providing the best and top-notch facilities to the residents. Windlass for the first time introduced the country with the Building Management System that notifies the administrator for timely maintenance of the elevators, Water Pumps, Lightings, Power Backup generators and security cameras. BMS is a control system used to monitor and manage service facilities in the Township.


Automatic 24x7 Power backup

Your home will never turn dark due to electricity related issues. Windlass River Valley is dedicated in providing 24x7 uninterrupted and automated Power Supply, which offers your uninterrupted TV watching, studying and other experiences.


Rain Water Harvesting System

Dehradun receives one of the highest rainfalls in India as compared to the major cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, and Mumbai etc. Windlass believes in saving the nature and its resources and for that reason the township is installed with a rainwater harvesting system. To ensure proper supply of water in the Township the installation has the capacity to capture 100% rainwater and feed it back into the water layer in the ground to keep the water table of Windlass River Valley full and healthy.


Sewage Treatment Plan

Technologically advanced, large in-house Sewage treatment plants will be installed and operated to collect and treat the sewage generated in Windlass River Valley Township. It will be installed to ensure high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. Windlass River Valley will be one of the only projects in Uttarakhand to ensure treatment of all sewage generated in the township.


Solar Energy

Windlass is installing rooftop solar power plants to capture maximum solar energy. The energy generated through these plants will be utilised within the township and our idea of proper utilisation of abundant natural resources will be attained. It is important for everyone to be energy efficient in a long run and Windlass River Valley believes in saving electricity by utilising solar energy within the township.


CCTV x Security

Windlass is dedicated in providing the best and most organised security system to every resident of the Township. We keep a very clear approach on providing safe and secure environment. All the roads, elevators, Building entrances, corridors, public places and parks will be monitored via CCTV security system. Our security network with security surveillance system will ensure the safety and security of every member of the Township.


Automated Landscaping Sprinkler System

To maintain 70% open and green area is not an easy task as lots of water is consumed and also risks of plants dying are uncertain. We at Windlass are installing automated landscaping and township sprinkler system which will detect the water level in the ground and operate accordingly to ensure both aspect of preserving water and keeping our environment green.


Water Treatment Plan

Windlass focuses on providing well-treated Water Supply in every house of the township. The water will be treated with state-of-the-art purification process to ensure supply of clean water in every kitchen, washrooms for cleaning and other purposes. Healthy and clean living environment is the priority of the Windlass River Valley.


Smart Metering – Electric, Gas

Windlass Developers is focussed on providing automated pre-paid meters for Electricity and LPG. The facilities will be available to all the residents through a click of a button via phone application or through website. The residents have to pay only for the consumed quantity of services.


Earthquake resistant structure

Windlass Developers brings to you a 100% Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure using Mivan Construction technology. This revolutionary technology is used in constructing one of the strongest and biggest structures in the world, namely, Burj Khalifa Dubai, Empire States Building New York, Shanghai Tower China and many other iconic buildings around the world.